The Key to being a Happier Photographer – Podcast Episode 1

What is the key to being a happier photographer? If we want to enjoy our work as photographers and be happy running our businesses then we need to understand our motivators. When our key motivators are not being catered for we can feel frustrated and unhappy. Spending some time working out what motivates us can help us to get a clearer sense of direction. We can structure our work more around those things that help us feel like our work is worth doing. Yes, we might have to make sacrifices at times in business. But, if we can find ways for our business to work for both ourselves and our clients then we can lead a much happier life. This first episode of the Focused Professional podcast starts to explore what these motivating factors might be.

Key motivators:

  • Recognition From Others

  • Money

  • Sense of Achievement

  • Creativity

  • Relationships

  • Helping Others

  • Freedom & Control

  • Fun & Enjoyment

Which of these are most important to you? Some will have more influence over us than others and this can change at different stages in life.

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