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Working as a professional photographer can be very demanding, especially if you are self-employed. In addition to all the photographic skills required, you also need to run a business and keep yourself motivated. The articles here bring aspects of business & psychology together to help you overcome some of the difficulties that can crop up. 

Values words crossing each other - illustration for why values matter

Why Values Matter For Doing Business

Why Values Matter Some businesses spend a lot of time putting together a mission statement including their overall vision and their company values. This might seem like overkill for a small business. However, in this article I hope to persuade you of why values matter for any type of business and why you might like to

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Trophy on plinth with fraud watermark as illustration of imposter syndrome

How to Cope with Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome What is it? An illness? Imposter syndrome might sound like a medical term, but it isn’t really an illness. It is more a pattern of thoughts and behaviours related to beliefs about yourself. As we shall see, these are often irrational, flying in the face of the evidence. Highly successful individuals can end

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Laptop crashing with blue screen - operator feeling demotivated. How to stay motivated ?

How To Stay Motivated

Remaining Motivated Isn’t Easy Motivation is something which all of us can struggle with at times. Very few people find it easy to remain motivated regardless of whatever life throws at them. Negative emotions can sap our strength and we can be tempted to give up or at least stop putting in serious effort. Without

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Reaching Our Goals - Goal hierarchy illustration - how small steps can lead to concrete bigger goals

Reaching Our Goals As Photography Professionals

Reaching Our Goals How can we give ourselves a better chance of reaching our goals as professional photographers?  First of all, we need to pick our goals and clarify what we want to achieve. Then we break those goals down into smaller steps that can begin to form a plan of action. Once we have

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Mindset - The New Psychology of Success by Carl Dweck - Book Cover image

Mindset – Book Review

Exploring types of mindset. Can help with: growth, confidence, inferiority complex, reducing stress, dealing with “failure”, achieving more, relating to others, how you approach challenges.

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Why Is Psychology Useful for Photographers?

There are many benefits to understanding some psychology for photographers. If we know why some things cause a problem for us then we can look for more effective ways to work. Our motivation, ability to reach goals, battling imposter syndrome and more can all be assisted through psychology. This can have positive knock-on effects for our businesses. We don’t need to get complicated and academic as many of the principles are easy to understand and anyone can start to implement them.

Linking business & psychology helps us understand ourselves and our potential customers more clearly. This can help us to maintain our mental health more effectively as well as communicate more powerfully with our target audience. Understanding how the mind works can help us to project a clearer message in our marketing and advertising. The Focused Professional approach is to find ethical, practical ways of improving our photography businesses that help both our customers and ourselves to enjoy the journey.

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