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The Focused Professional podcast features conversations with some of the finest  photography professionals from around the world. From those who arrange the competitions to those that win them, our guests share their stories, passion and insights in exclusive interviews. Find out what motivates them, the challenges they face and how they maintain healthy businesses. We also have short bite-sized episodes offering advice for professional photographers to help them run their businesses to suit their personality better. You can listen using your favourite podcast app or directly from the player provided below.  We are listed on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Google, PlayerFM, Podchaser and more via Podbean. Download the whole episode to listen whenever and wherever you like.

Recent Podcast Episodes:

The three most recent episodes are available by clicking on the three posts below. As well as being able to listen using an embedded audio player on the page you can also read a full transcription of the interview. Each guest has examples of their work on show and links through to their own profiles.

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Belinda Richards Podcast Episode 19

Perfecting Pet Photography with Belinda Richards Belinda Richards In episode 19 we focus on pet photography with one of the world’s top exponents of the genre. Australian photographer Belinda Richards has won many awards and titles for her work, including being The Society of Photographers overall photographer of the year

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Sean Gallagher Profile Image

Sean Gallagher Podcast Episode 18

Storytelling That Changes Lives – Sean Gallagher on Photojournalism Sean Gallagher In Episode 18, Joe interviews Sean Gallagher, an independent photographer and filmmaker based in China. A fellow of the Royal Geographic Society with a passion for environmental issues, Sean is a multi-award-winning photojournalist whose work has appeared in National

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Fiona Elizabeth profile image - holding headphones, sitting in front of mic

Fiona Elizabeth Podcast Episode 17

Wedding Photography Passion with Fiona Elizabeth Fiona Elizabeth Fiona Elizabeth joins us to share her unexpected journey into wedding photography and the challenges she’s faced along the way. Discover how Fiona balances the artistic and business aspects of her work and also helps others to do so through her Wedding

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Your Host - Joe Lenton

Guiding each session and quizzing our guests is international judge, photography mentor and freelance advertising photographer Joe Lenton. He takes a relaxed approach, bringing some humour (or attempts at it anyway) as well as drawing out stories, experiences and tips from our special guests. Enjoy his conversational style as well as probing, in-depth questions that help to ensure each episode is full of useful content for professional photographers. He carefully selects each person who appears on the podcast, showcasing a variety of genres and different perspectives.

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Join us as we discuss:

All 10 episodes of Season One of the podcast are available using the player below. You can play them directly or click the download icon to save the file to your device. Alternatively, you can visit the full listing for all season one episodes with their transcripts 

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Our Guests

We’ve had some great guests on our photography podcast. Here are some you might know:

Where are Focused Professional Podcast listeners from?

We have a truly global audience with a multinational community of listeners. The Focused Professional photography podcast is aimed at those who make their living from photography. Our episodes give insights into aspects of the business, mindset and creative process used by the industry’s top professionals. We also have listeners who just enjoy hearing other people’s stories. Our guests are international, so we can share different cultural perspectives and get a broader impression of the industry and how it is developing. Interviews are conducted in English and many episodes also offer a full transcription for you to read instead if you prefer.

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