Personality & Business – Podcast Episode 2

Have you ever found yourself discussing or reading about business methods and thinking “but that just isn’t me”? We can all make the mistake of thinking that whatever works for us will work for everyone. But, for one thing, our personalities differ and what might feel natural for one person can be a nightmare for another. 

Here at Focused Professional we believe that we should make the most of what is unique about each of us instead of forcing everyone to adopt the same approach. In Episode 2 of our podcast, Joe looks at some of the different aspects of personality & business and how they might affect how we choose to work as professional photographers. There’s more to it than just introverts and extroverts…

We look at:

  • how your personality is linked to your brand
  • different aspects of personality
  • matching the medium to our personality
  • doing business as an introvert without becoming an extrovert

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