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Your mentor is here to help you to develop your photography and business skills, so that you can get greater enjoyment and success from your work. Learn how to improve your images to create a stunning portfolio, attract higher prices and gain awards and qualifications. Use your personality and passions to find your niche. Through image critiques, online coaching and in-person photography workshops, you can learn how to produce more effective images. Instead of guessing at what you think needs improving, get feedback from a qualified international judge.

Take a deep look at your business strategy and tactics to help you reach the right clients. Tailor your business to suit you and help you find greater happiness and fulfilment. Joe has run his own businesses since leaving university and is also the author of “Doing Business Like A Grandmaster.” He also writes articles for magazines and high profile photography websites including Professional Imagemaker and PetaPixel.

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Experienced & Qualified To Help

25+ Years of One to One Teaching & Coaching Experience

Certified advanced SEO practitioner

Qualified International Photography Judge & Mentor

Speaker at International Photography Conventions

Qualified Fellow in Photography

Certified Digital Marketing practitioner

AOP Accredited Photographer

Trained in Aspects of Psychology & Personality

Joe Lenton FSICIP MA

Your mentor Joe Lenton is able to help photographers of various genres to master their craft. He has won over 100 awards at international level in many different types of photography including:

  • Advertising & Commercial
  • Fine Art
  • Fashion
  • Landscapes
  • Wildlife
  • Monochrome
  • Architecture
  • Portraits
  • Macro & Close Up
  • In-Camera Artistry
  • Boudoir & Beauty
  • Open Avant Garde
  • Pet Portrait
  • Illustrative

Joe specialises in commercial photography and is one of just a few product photography mentors worldwide qualified to Fellowship level. He also holds qualifications in fine art landscape photography and outdoor fashion portraits. In 2024 his work was selected to represent the UK in the World Photographic Cup.

Learn more about Joe on his commercial photography site.

Your Photography Mentor

As well as being a photography expert, Joe has taught, coached and mentored individuals for more than 25 years. He has been trained to communicate well and to bring out the best in those he works with. Along the way he has seen numerous reasons for businesses doing well or struggling to survive. One important factor is that self-employed business owners need to look after themselves. If we chase goals that we don’t really believe in or get satisfaction from then we risk burning out and losing interest. All too often we look for advice and “guaranteed” paths to success. Life isn’t quite that straightforward. Just because something has worked for one person does not guarantee that it will work for everyone. For one thing, we are all different. So, trying to live someone else’s life can be a mistake. Joe helps people to connect with their passion and to run a photography business that aligns with their values and aims. He also offers advanced photography training to enable greater creativity and help photographers be in a position to charge more for their work.

Joe also brings in the experience and advice of some of the best photographers in the world through the Focused Professional Podcast. Listen to exclusive interviews where he discusses how to run a business, looking after your mental health and more with some of the industry’s biggest names.

Values-Led Coaching

Your photography mentor holds a key set of values based around helping you and your business. These values include:

Provide A Safe Environment For Analysis, Reflection, Development & Exploration

Anything you divulge about you & your business is confidential & secure

We Won’t Impose Systems Or Make You Follow Set Methods

Every person is unique & gets tailored advice

Encourage Creativity, Fresh Approaches & Ethical Business Development

Build a sustainable business bearing your individual fingerprint

Read the full set of values in our FAQ.

Find out how a photography mentor can help you:

Please feel free to get in touch for a no obligation chat or email conversation. Talking it over is often the best way to find out whether Joe would be the best photography mentor for you. If we aren’t a good fit then we can help point you in another direction to find help.  

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