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What Motivates You?

We aren’t all motivated equally by the same things. Finding fulfilment and happiness in our work can depend on whether our specific motivating factors are being catered for or not. It is easy to think only about money as clearly we can’t run a business without it. However, you might find that neglecting creativity or helping others, for example, leads to you feeling fed up and empty. If we can find ways of meeting our motivational needs through our work then it can help make our businesses more sustainable. 

Try the quiz below to discover more about your motivating factors. Choose the option which best fits your ideal. Please note that we store your answers & score to help us create learning materials. Taking the quiz gives us your permission to do so.

Your Motivating Factors

What motivates you the most? Find out in this quiz!

For each question please choose the best fit.

It doesn't have to be an exact match.

Answer as honestly as possible.

Don't choose what you think you "should" say.

The quiz is an indicator, not a scientific test.

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What matters most to you at the end of a year?

2 / 28

Choose one of these options

3 / 28

Which of these would you rather have?

4 / 28

Choose your preferred one

5 / 28

Which of these would you prefer to hear?

6 / 28

Pick which one of these is most important to you

7 / 28

Which would motivate you more?

8 / 28

Which of these describes you best?

9 / 28

Pick the one which would give you the most satisfaction

10 / 28

Which best describes you?

11 / 28

Which of these would you choose?

12 / 28

Choose which applies best for you

13 / 28

Choose one

14 / 28

Which is most true for you?

15 / 28

Which applies most for you?

16 / 28

Choose one of these

17 / 28

Choose one

18 / 28

Pick one

19 / 28

Choose one of these that is most true for you

20 / 28

Choose one

21 / 28

Pick one that fits you best

22 / 28

Pick the best fit

23 / 28

Pick the closest fit

24 / 28

For a one-off gig next week, what would you prefer?

25 / 28

Pick a gig

26 / 28

Choose one that appeals most

27 / 28

Which would you choose?

28 / 28

Why are you in business?

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The above quiz is a quick way to get an idea of what are your key motivating factors. It is not a scientific test, so may not be 100% accurate. The more honestly you answer the questions the more accurate the result should be. There is no right or wrong answer. 

The quiz has been designed, written and built by Joe Lenton for Focused Professional and may not be reproduced without permission. The questions, definitions and results wording are all © Joe Lenton 2024.

Motivating Factors Tested For:

This list isn’t necessarily exhaustive and you may find that you have a combination of motivators, or possibly even that they are so evenly distributed that it is hard to pin down which matter more. The motivators are inspired by research into a variety of factors including Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, theories of reward and motivation for employees in businesses and other questionnaires such as Motivational Maps.

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If your results surprise you then you might like to chat them over with a mentor.

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