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The quality of images we produce can have a big effect on what we can charge for our services. So, it is important to work on our photography technique, including lighting and post-production. Joe is a highly experienced photography tutor. He has led group workshops for all levels of photographers, including Masterclass and Superclass sessions at international photography conventions. Although specialising in product photography, he can teach to a high level in many genres including architecture, landscapes, fashion, portraits, night cityscapes, macro & more.

Ongoing photography training is an important part of our development as professional photographers. Joe knows the importance of this for his own work and invests regularly in refining and improving all aspects of his photography and mentoring skills.

Joe has provided photography training for people at all levels for more than 10 years. He has judged local and international photography competitions (digital & print) and evaluated qualification panels to Fellowship level. 

"Joe's skills as a tutor are excellent with in depth explanations when required and patience in setting up various lighting scenarios"

Joe is also in demand as writer. He is a Guides Writer for PetaPixel, one of the biggest photography websites in the world. His articles include topics such as advanced lighting, creative Photoshop techniques and an in-depth look at using tilt-shift lenses for product photography. FStoppers have also published a similar series of Joe’s articles on both photography and business. Joe writes regularly for The Societies of Photographers magazine “Professional Imagemaker“, including his 2023 series on Tools Not Rules – exploring aspects of composition. He has also written for Professional Photo Online.

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Find out how comprehensive your photography knowledge is in our quiz. The questions are aimed at those already working professionally or aiming to go professional, so don’t worry if you find some of them hard!

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