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Many professional photographers find the business side of things  much harder than the image creation. But there are simple principles that can make a big difference. These lead on to developing a strategy, which can quickly help you sort out your marketing and advertising activities. Having a little logical structure in place will help you to run your business more smoothly. Business mentoring helps you to get this structure in place more quickly and efficiently. It can also help you to identify your target market and understand how to reach them. 

If you believe some of the business books and websites out there then it might look like you have to do things a certain way to succeed. Thankfully, this is not true. You can adapt your business to suit you and your personality. There is no need for an introvert to become an extrovert or for you to abandon ethical principles to create a successful business. We firmly believe in a flexible, individual approach to business and have been running profitable businesses for many years.

Identify Your Target Market

  • What do you want to offer and why?
  • Who might your clients be and why?
  • How can you reach them in a way that is authentic to you and them?

If your marketing and advertising efforts aren’t bringing in customers then it could be that somewhere along the line there is a mismatch. Perhaps you need to reconsider what services you offer or who you want to buy from you. Or, maybe you need to identify new ways of communicating with them to help them decide to purchase. Your photography business mentor can help you to think this through and create a strategy with a clear plan of action.

Streamlining Your Business

A simple thing that can save time and help keep you organised and focused is creating templates for processes that happen regularly. This might differ depending on what services you offer and the type of clients you work with. For example, as a commercial photographer I need to gather information to help me understand exactly what will be involved in a shoot before I can quote a price. So, I created a photography brief template that covers the kinds of questions that I normally ask. This has the added benefit of helping me to remember what to ask a potential client while I have them on the phone or in my email. It is easy to forget something if you are busy and it doesn’t look good if you have to keep going back to the client with yet another question. My photography brief template can easily be adapted to different types of jobs. A portrait or wedding photographer, for example, could equally draw up a template with common questions that you need to ask when planning a shoot.

More Of What You Want – Less Of What You Don’t

Part of the one to one business mentoring process involves looking at the processes involved for you and how we can simplify and speed them up. This not only means you can spend less time doing things that you may not enjoy so much, it also can help you to be more profitable and have more free time for yourself or other clients. Being well organised and managing your time efficiently can really help you to reduce stress and get more enjoyment out of being your own boss.

Outline for writing a photography brief

Your Business Mentor Can Help With:

Certified SEO Professional:

Joe has completed training in Search Engine Optimisation techniques (SEO) and is certified to advanced level with Hubspot, having passed their assessment.

Certified Digital Marketing Professional:

Joe has been trained in  aspects of Digital Marketing and is certified with Hubspot, having passed their exam.

SEO Course Certificate
Advanced SEO Certified
Digital Marketing Certified

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