Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert?

This short quiz can help you see if you are more of an introvert or extrovert. These two personality types can approach work and business quite differently. So, it is useful to be aware of what your more natural mode is.

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Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert?

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Which of these helps you to get your energy back?

2 / 15

You like dedicating time to a hobby such as practising an instrument

3 / 15

You enjoy ice-breaker activities in group settings

4 / 15

You feel restless when you're alone

5 / 15

Others could easily tell how you're feeling as you display your emotions openly

6 / 15

If you're in a group you would often speak a lot less than others

7 / 15

You're very happy spending time on your own

8 / 15

You love parties

9 / 15

If you work on your own you feel lonely

10 / 15

Which would you prefer?

11 / 15

You can easily feel overloaded in loud or busy environments

12 / 15

How do you like to deal with more complex issues?

13 / 15

You find it easy & fun to meet new people

14 / 15

How would you prefer to start your day?

15 / 15

Where would you rather be?

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