Photography Podcast Season One

Podcast season 1 includes interviews with Martina Warenfeldt, Hanna Neret, Kris Anderson, Steffi Blochwitz, Scott Johnson, Neil Shearer and Terrie Jones. We find out what motivates them and what they are passionate about. There are also 3 bite-sized episodes exploring the role of personality, motivation and goals in the life of a photography professional. Episode 1 kicks the whole thing off by considering what is key to being a happy photographer. Once you have finished podcast Season 1, do make your way through Season 2 as well!

Martina Wärenfeldt (headshot)

Martina Wärenfeldt – Special Guest – Podcast Episode 10

Martina Wärenfeldt FSWPP, Icon Double Master, Canon Ambassador joins us for an exclusive interview. She is a world class fine art portrait photographer and has won numerous awards and titles for her work. Martina is also in demand as a trainer, helping photographers to understand both the shooting and editing

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Kris Anderson headshot

Kris Anderson – Special Guest – Podcast Episode 9

In this episode of the podcast we have an exclusive interview with Canadian photographer Kris Anderson. His images have won him numerous accolades at international level. He recently won the in camera division at Icon International Photography competition and also achieved his Double Master award. As well as mind-boggling in

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Terrie Jones Head of Judging profile image

Terrie Jones – Special Guest – Podcast Episode 8

In this episode of the podcast we interview the Head of Judging and Personal Development Manager from The Society of Photographers, Terrie Jones. She is very passionate about learning and professional development, working hard to assist photographers to grow and thrive.  We talk about what goes into training and selecting

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Steffi Blochwitz profile image

Steffi Blochwitz – Special Guest – Podcast Episode 7

In this episode of the podcase we speak to award-winning Swiss photographer Steffi Blochwitz. She is most known for her wedding images but also does personal branding shoots, iris photography & more. We discuss self-image and how as photographers we can help people with this. She speaks about her love

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Neil Shearer Headshot

Neil Shearer – Special Guest – Podcast Episode 6

In Episode 6 we interview Neil Shearer IFSWPP, an award-winning commercial photographer.  Hear about Neil’s work for brands including Ford and the challenges he sometimes has to overcome. Is he worried about AI for the future? How important is something outside photography for mental health? We explore these and many

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Hanna Neret profile image

Hanna Neret – Special Guest – Podcast Episode 5

Hanna Neret, member of the Sweden national team for the World Photographic Cup, 2022 Societies Photographer of the Year and winner of numerous other titles and trophies gives us an insight into how she creates her masterpieces and what motivates her.  We discuss how Hanna got into photography, where she

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Scott Johnson full length portrait

Scott Johnson – Special Guest – Podcast Episode 4

Scott Johnson FSWPP Master Photographer joins us for the latest episode of our podcast. He has won numerous awards at international level and is himself both a judge and chair of international competitions. Best known for his wedding photography, Scott is also highly accomplished in other genres. In this interview

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Focused Professional Logo Stamp cream on green

Motivation & Goals – Podcast Episode 3

Why do goals matter? How can we choose our goals and make sure that we reach them? This episode of the podcast looks at how we can set goals that tie in with our motivators and needs. Then we look at how we can achieve those goals more easily and

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Focused Professional Logo Stamp cream on green

Personality & Business – Podcast Episode 2

Have you ever found yourself discussing or reading about business methods and thinking “but that just isn’t me”? We can all make the mistake of thinking that whatever works for us will work for everyone. But, for one thing, our personalities differ and what might feel natural for one person

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