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The questions are aimed at experienced photographers and professionals, so may be rather difficult for novices.

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Test Your Photography Knowledge

Free general knowledge quiz to test how much you know about photography

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What is the difference between ISO 100 and ISO 400?

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What colour gel should you put on your flash to balance with fluorescent lighting?

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Lens or camera shake or vibration reduction should be turned off if you are working on a tripod

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To change a colour from a shade of red to a shade of blue which value should you alter?

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Which of these is the largest aperture?

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Which of these colour spaces has the largest gamut?

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Which of these are types of image files?

(Choose all that apply)

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What does HDR stand for?

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Which colour gel should you use if you want to make a tungsten light closer to daylight?

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Which of these types of camera has the largest sensor?

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What does "ND" stand for? (e.g. ND filter)

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Which lighting setup would produce this lighting pattern?


CGI model showing one light loop lighting on face

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What does a Polarising Filter do?

(Choose all that apply)

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What is the complementary colour for orange?

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Grey cards are printed with...

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